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I am Above the Kelpie

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Anastasia Krylova 

Visual storyteller & printmaker


About my work

We all live in a story. A story where you decide your actions and I'm always interested in the why. I find it fascinating to research stories that are not told enough. Heavy topics that people are not used to talk about.

With a new story there should be a way to tell it that suits the story. That is why my work is so different and every comic has it own style. 


While most of my work has a heavier tone to it, I do make other kind of stories to! People don't believe me when I say that but that is true. Sometimes it even has humor in it! 

Maybe some have guessed by my pseudonym but I do enjoy to use folklore in my work.  


Beside making my own work, I also give workshops in lino and screenprinting and I'm always on the look out for other projects!  







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